SHOW LIVE: Cosworth launches new ECU – the Antares 8

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Cosworth Electronics has launched its latest ECU, known as the Antares 8. The next-generation ECU – which the company is showcasing at PMW Expo 2018 – is a step forward from its predecessor – the MQ12Di.

“At the moment we are demonstrating our full car system, which includes the ECU (Antares 8), our chassis logger (CLU), a bigger power box with 48 outputs (IPS48 Mk2), a bigger switch panel (RSP20), and a full-carbon wheel (CCW Mk2),” said Joe Dix, senior key account manager at Cosworth. “This is similar to the kit that is supplied into LMP2. Variants of this kit also run in LMP1, IndyCar and Super Formula Japan.”

Whilst the MQ12Di is the ECU that currently runs a range of cars in LMP1, LMP2, GT3 and WRC to name a few – the Antares 8 Series will build on this success with enhanced capability.

“What we did with the Antares is, develop upon the logging system from our highest-level CLU together with the 8-cylinder GDI / PFI capability of the MQ12Di and put it into one box,” said Dix.

The new ECU has been developed to offer greater processing power and a step change in logging and custom code creation capability. It also includes cylinder pressure monitoring.

“We are in talks to offer the Antares system out for a full series introduction, but really the Antares can cater for a full range of applications. Whether that would be for customer racing in the likes of GT3, or as a single-box solution for a hybrid race car, the Antares can accommodate with a wide variety of customers’ needs and demands,” added Dix.

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