SHOW LIVE: Bosch Motorsport introduces its newest vehicle control unit


Bosch Motorsport has unveiled its latest vehicle control unit at the Professional MotorSport World Expo 2018. The VCU is a powerful processing unit suitable for a variety of customisable functions.

“Our latest development is the innovative vehicle control unit,” said Christina Yilmaz, marketing manager at Bosch Motorsport. “While we can’t say what teams we are working with at the moment, we can say that the VCU will be integrated in the Gen2 car for the next Formula E season.”

The customer software development process is based on MATLAB/Simulink to allow for fast algorithm development, helped by the automatic code and documentation generation.

The VCU features an integrated logging device with high-speed logging capability of up to 100kHz and it offers real-time Ethernet functionality to exchange data between devices with a guaranteed latency time of 1ms.


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