Fastmate Racing releases compact RaceSense Pocket tire gauge

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Building on the previously released RaceSense Advanced tire gauge, Fastmate Racing has unveiled the RaceSense Pocket, a rugged, smart and compact tire gauge that combines precise pressure measurement with a pyrometer, with automatic multi-tire modes for fast measurements.

The RaceSense Pocket benefits from near-field communication connectivity, enabling it to sync with iOS and Android phones and computers for logged tire measurements and data. Additional information including location and weather conditions can also be added to this data before emailing or exporting the measurements to spreadsheets, for example.

Tire pressures are critical within motorsport and other sectors, and many conventionally used pressure gauges can be inaccurate by approximately 1-2psi. Fastmate Racing’s product is claimed to be accurate to 0.1psi, ensuring tires are at optimal pressure. The gauge can measure up to a maximum pressure of 150psi.

The solution’s automatic multi-tire mode enables all of a vehicle’s tires to be checked without needing to press any buttons. Furthermore, temperatures can be sampled using the optional standard Type K thermocouple probe.

“The RaceSense tire gauge is well known in motorsports around the world and gives accurate and comprehensive tire data,” said Lisa Irlam, co-founder of Fastmate Racing. “We saw there was a gap in the market for a compact model for a wider customer base.”

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