SHOW LIVE: Grainger & Worrall expects 3D printing growth in motorsport to continue


High-precision casting and machining company Grainger & Worrall (Stand 4018) has said that it expects the 3D printing trend to continue to grow within motorsport. With increasing print-dimensions, additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular.

Matthias Schoeffmann, business development manager at Grainger & Worrall, said at PMW Expo 2018, “We make many of our sand castings with the support of 3D printing. Grainger & Worrall has many years of 3D sand printing experience and will soon either invest in metal printing or use external capacity for printing and supplying metal parts.

“There is no doubt that as the technology keeps improving, we will see more components being produced in that way. At the moment our precision sand process combined with internally printed sand cores is offering us and our customers highest flexibility when it comes to lead-times, accuracy and part-sizes.”

Grainger & Worrall is at PMW Expo 2018 showcasing its ability to optimise design, make, verify and finish machine castings.

“We have an unswerving commitment to investment in the latest technology and a passion for innovation, we will continue to offer our customers bespoke solutions,” added Schoeffmann.


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