WAE Technologies to debut new Cell2Pack demonstrator for low-volume vehicle applications

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Technology and engineering services business WAE Technologies will debut its new Cell2Pack demonstrator – an advanced structural battery pack for the low-volume automotive sector – at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, between May 23 and 25, 2023.

Developed for manufacturers that produce fewer than 10,000 vehicles each year, the Cell2Pack features cells that are integrated directly into the battery pack without requiring individual module enclosures. As a result, volumetric energy density and vehicle range are increased.

To produce the highly integrated solution, WAE designed the cells to become load-bearing elements, providing a load path directly through the battery pack from base to lid, and then into the vehicle body.

The Cell2Pack also has several other advanced technical features including large-format cylindrical 46xx cells that deliver more power and energy density, in addition to enhanced fast charging capabilities because of a lower internal resistance. The company’s latest battery demonstrator also benefits from flexible and inflatable side cooling ribbons that deliver double-sided cooling to cells. Due to the ribbons’ flexible shape, no gap fillers or thermal interface material are required, enhancing heat transfer from cells to coolant.

A single and continuous 3D bent extrusion is used for three sides of the battery case with a clip-fit panel base. The design is highly scalable and enables the dimensions of the battery pack to be scaled to meet differing customer requirements without tool changes.

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