Magnus Motorsports introduces multiple fuel mechanical fuel pump

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Magnus Motorsports has announced the release of its Multiple Fuels (MF) Mechanical Fuel Pump. Compatible with gas, methanol and ethanol; the pump’s inlet and exit fuel lines are on the same side of the pump, eliminating the need for elbow and u-bend fittings.

The aluminum billet-constructed MF Fuel Pump can be configured with an industry standard keyed 0.5in shaft with 1⁄8 key or 3⁄8 male hex shaft to be driven by the distributor, cam or dry sump system with the appropriate mounting bracket. The compact design of the fuel pump results in ease of mounting positions.

The internal chromoly (4130) gears are Diamond Like Carbon-coated (DLC) to increase lifespan and reduce the coefficient of friction. The gear housing is constructed from anti-galling and corrosion-resistant material and further DLC coated to resist the low lubricant properties of alcohol-based fuels. The fuel pump supports up to 7.5GPM, 1600hp on methanol and 3200hp on gasoline.

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