Electroheads Motorsport introduces e-kart

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Electroheads has unveiled an all-new electric kart. The e-karts will be introduced through a 2020 race series that will take place in both the Bambino and Cadet karting categories across the UK.

The e-karts’ F1-inspired technology will ensure that each racer on the grid has the same power available and that data sharing is transparent, so all competitors can see performance parity.

Headed by former Ferrari F1 race engineer Rob Smedley, Electroheads Motorsport is the racing and technology division of the Electroheads brand. By simplifying and reducing the cost of entry-level racing, Electroheads Motorsport aims to make it easier for more new drivers to get involved in racing.

“As Lewis Hamilton himself said recently, racing has become too expensive and is not diverse enough. I totally agree. Through electrification we can change that,” said Smedley. “We will be the driving force to inspire, energize and thrill racers as they climb the ladder. It is cleaner, cheaper, faster and importantly, fairer.”

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