Eaton releases range of battery pack vent valves for EVs

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A single-stage vent valve for electric vehicle EV battery packs has been released by Eaton’s eMobility business. The company’s new valve works as an overpressure relief for a vehicle’s batteries.

The single-stage battery vent can be designed to suit a wide range of opening pressures to optimize venting and to prevent battery pack thermal runaway from occurring. The solution benefits from Eaton’s resealing technology, enabling very low opening pressures to be chosen by customers. The system has been tested to ensure 100% functionality compared to traditionally used burst-valve technologies.

“As the electrified vehicle market continues to grow, battery packs are becoming progressively more powerful and create more heat,” said Jens Buhlinger, manager, battery technology development, Eaton’s Vehicle Group. “OEMs are designing new safety systems to ease the impact of thermal events. Our new battery vent valve is designed to enable rapid overpressure release in the battery pack.”

“Our new battery vent valve features an easily assembled quick-connect technology, reducing complexity for battery pack manufacturers while ensuring a robust connection that stays in place,” added Buhlinger. “Our quick-connect feature was developed based on proven technologies from our more than 30 years of experience in safety-critical fuel emissions venting.”

The company also plans to improve battery safety further by introducing a dual-stage valve which incorporates all the features of the single-stage version, in addition to a humidity management system for inside EV battery packs.

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