Škoda unveils all-electric racing concept

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Škoda Design is presenting the Vision GT, a computer-animated study of an all-electric racing car, at the Design and Transformation exhibition in Brussels, Belgium, until January 8, 2023.

The futuristic vehicle is a reinterpreted concept of the OEM’s 1957 1100 OHC. Designed as an open-top race car much like its older sibling, the Vision GT features an active cockpit with a single, centered and suspended driver’s seat to compensate for G-forces when driving.

Above the flat-top-and-bottom carbon fiber steering wheel sits a flat on-screen bar which doubles as a windshield. Vehicle information is then projected onto the driver’s helmet visor.

The exterior of the Vision GT is made up of sharp lines, angles and a two-piece wing which mimics Formula E cars of the present day. The Škoda concept features active aerodynamics for optimal performance. Completing the exterior is the OEM’s new hologram wordmark between the two upper wing profiles.

Škoda aims to use the Vision GT to send clear messages about sustainable sportiness and emotion in the digital age.

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