SHOW LIVE: Powerbrake expands X-Line brake kit with 380 x 34mm disc


South African brake company Powerbrake (Stand 6019) has expanded its X-Line big brake kit range with a 380 x 34mm disc.

Speaking on Day 2 of Professional MotorSport World Expo 2018, Emilio Cazzaniga, sales manager at Powerbrake, said, “The expanded range means that we now offer brake discs starting at 325mm in diameter up to 380mm in diameter.”

Powerbrake’s X-Line callipers are machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminium billets and feature rigid FEA-enhanced designs, castellated stainless-steel pistons and type-3 mil-spec hard anodized finishes for maximum durability.

The addition of internal wiper seals and stainless-steel bleed screws, tube nuts, pad retaining pins and abutment plates further enhances the long-term durability and service life the X-Line callipers.

The ‘X’ in the name refers to the ‘crossover’ nature of the range, in that they are racing callipers that remain usable on the road, thanks to design features such as internal wiper seals. When combined with the appropriate pad material, X-Line brakes are suitable for fast road, track day and full race use.

“We are present throughout different segments of the motorsport world, and with an increased range we can offer even more specific products for each motorsport segment,” said Cazzaniga.


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