British Truck Racing Championship commits to using more sustainable fuel

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From the 2023 season onward, the British Truck Racing Championship (BTRC) will use cleaner racing fuels following its partnership with Green Biofuels (GBF), a provider of high-performance hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel.

GBF will provide each driver and team at each round of the BTRC with its advanced Gd+ fuel, a clean alternative to diesel which is produced from 100% waste-derived cooking oils and fats and then improved with an engine-enhancing additive. To improve the fuel’s sustainability credentials further, no virgin crops are used during manufacturing.

Developed as a drop-in diesel replacement, Gd+ fuel can be used in existing engines without components needing to be upgraded, and is stated to be the least carbon-emitting diesel replacement fuel available in the UK, saving 2.82kg, or 90%, CO2e per liter. The company states that in 2022, its customers saved more than 480,000 metric tons of CO2e by switching to the clean diesel alternative.

“To sustainably power engines producing in excess of 1,000bhp you need the best-performing diesel replacement fuel in the UK, which makes Gd+ a natural choice for the BTRC,” said William Tebbit, CEO, GBF. “Our Gd+ provides a clean, direct drop-in alternative fuel for standard diesel engines – no costly upgrades or new machinery required. HVO fuels like Gd+ are already helping to reduce CO2e emissions across a wide range of industries including, construction, haulage and freight, shipping and agriculture.”

“Carving out a sustainable pathway is pivotal for the future of the sport and I’m delighted that we are able to introduce a new cleaner fuel from this season onwards,” added Steve Thomas, Truck Sport UK director. “This is just the first step in our sustainability plans and we’re looking forward to growing this relationship over the coming years.”

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