The Peugeot 9X8 and its novel front suspension layout

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In the world of Le Mans Hypercar, there shouldn’t be anything to hide. All the cars are homologated and BoP in theory cancels out any performance advantages from complex or novel design developments. However, Peugeot has gone to great lengths to cover up the inboard front suspension on the 9X8 and such efforts always arouse suspicion.

Fortunately, PMW acquired some images of the front end briefly uncovered. The 9X8 runs pull rod suspension on the rear and pushrod on the front. On consulting with sources well versed in Le Mans Prototype suspension design, it looks as if Peugeot has made an effort to seperate out roll and heave effects, along the lines of Porsche’s approach with the 919, though it is not entirely clear for the moment how exactly the various elements interact. It also seems that the torsion bars are differing lengths from side to side on the car.

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