Turbine-based EV recharging technology almost ready for supercar

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A hybrid powertrain that uses a turbine-generator system to recharge an electric vehicle’s batteries is almost ready for production, the Chinese company behind its development has said.

Techrules’ Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) system is being showcased in the ‘Ren’ supercar. The company is looking for a partner to help finalize the development and production of the Ren, with a longer-term aim to use its TREV system for passenger cars.

William Jin, CEO of Techrules, said, “Since we showcased the Ren supercar with a twin 80kW turbine setup at the 2017 and 2018 Geneva Motor Shows, we received a tremendous amount of interest from OEMs around the world looking to benefit from its exceptional range-extending capabilities. So we decided to adjust our strategy and develop a smaller and cheaper 15kW version, which is more suitable for commercial and passenger vehicles.”

Techrules also plans to use the turbine-generator system in fixed and mobile charging stations for EV-charging infrastructure.

Chief technology officer of Techrules, Matthew Jin, said, “The development of the Ren supercar is giving us extensive real-world experience that only cements our belief that large-scale adoption of micro-turbines in electric vehicles will herald a new age for electric mobility.

“The core technology of our turbine includes a brand new hybrid air bearing system. It can run on renewable fuels such as ethanol and biogas, which would smooth the transition from the age of fossil fuels to the age of electricity.”

William Jin added, “We are in advanced discussions with a number of potential partners to form strategic alliances. These will allow us to bring our technology, including the Ren supercar, to markets around the world, and to develop new products and commercial applications for our advanced TREV system.

“But our key priority right now is to conclude the negotiations with local municipalities to start building the largest micro-turbine facility in the world.”

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