NTT IndyCar Series enhances vehicle performance and track safety with new telemetry system

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The NTT IndyCar Series will adopt a new telemetry system provided by EM Motorsport for 2023, to enhance the performance of race cars and give medical response crews better information.

The latest system will stream hundreds of data channels to competing teams and race control from a plethora of onboard sensors, enabling maximum vehicle and driver performance and monitoring vehicle health to reduce the chance of reliability issues. Furthermore, the new telemetry system will enable improved feedback and tracking of important safety systems, providing the IndyCar safety team and crews with crucial data if an accident occurs during a race event.

EM Motorsport operated the system in its entirety for the first time during a pre-season test at the Thermal Club in California. For flexibility, the company’s telemetry system works in conjunction with pre-existing electronic marshaling to deliver a unified solution. As an all-in-one solution, the telemetry and marshaling systems come from the same source, with all data managed locally on-site. This ensures that the security and reliability of race data are improved, with less risk of interference between operators.

By combining both pieces of software, less in-car componentry and wiring is required, resulting in a more lightweight and sustainable solution that is easy to install and use at a more cost-effective price point.

Chosen for its development potential, the combined system is part of an expanding partnership between IndyCar and EM Motorsport. The pair aim to continuously improve and expand the quality and quantity of information shared to and from the vehicles.

“EM Motorsport has become a valued partner to IndyCar and our teams,” said Jay Frye, IndyCar president. “Their work to implement the course marshaling system was flawless and extremely well received by our paddock, promoter partners and fans. Incorporating the EM Motorsport telemetry system with our growing paddock is the natural next step as definitive data is key to our race teams’ ability to make split-second decisions.”

Luca De Angelis, deputy manager at EM Motorsport, added, “The NTT IndyCar Series will be the first to run this revolutionary all-in-one system of telemetry and electronic marshaling. This has been an ambition of EM Motorsport for many years, and to achieve this with America’s premier single-seater series makes us extremely proud. The championship is leading by example of how other series can run a more cost-effective and elegant solution. We are greatly looking forward to working alongside IndyCar to expand the capabilities of the combined systems.”

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EM Motorsport components supplied to IndyCar

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