Professional grade equipment for sim racers

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During the enforced lockdowns over the past months, sim racing has seen a boom in popularity; while real racing was on hold, virtual competition came to the fore. Now, UK-based simulations specialist Cranfield Simulation has announced the launch of what it says is the world’s first Formula Simulator specifically designed for installation in the home.

Cranfield Simulation says its technology, which is designed and built in the UK, is derived from the same engineering solutions used in both its professional motorsport and aviation simulators. The units are bespoke, with each one built to the specifications of the individual client. The company states they are available in a compact plug-and-play solution, powered by a single mains supply socket, and take up a footprint no larger than the car model itself.

As a regular supplier to racing teams, the company explains that its experience and technology makes it the only home-simulator supplier capable of providing systems that give the sensation of sustained motion, along with high-fidelity motion cues, low latency and no maximum duration.

“Most simulators used in motorsport are little more than fairground rides,” said Ian Poll, Emeritus Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Cranfield University. “This system, however, uses a variety of carefully tailored inputs to the body’s sensory system and the driver’s brain interprets these to be the result of real accelerations being applied to the body. If the brain believes it, simulation becomes reality and the training value is considerably enhanced.”

“We are incredibly excited about bringing our world-class simulators to the consumer market for the first time,” added Jon Roach, chief commercial officer of Cranfield Simulation. “We have known for years that there is a tremendous appetite for it, and with the technology we have designed, the opportunities for tailored solutions are now almost limitless. We can replicate any motorsport experience in the world, and really make the driver feel like they are at the center of the action.”

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