Engine and powertrain suppliers at PMW Expo

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With just over one week left until the doors of the Professional MotorSport World Expo open, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest names in engine and engine component technologies, to help you organise your trip to Cologne!

Ricardo is a world leader in the development and manufacture of bespoke and off-the-shelf transmissions for racing and high-end automotive applications. For over 40 years, it has remained at the pinnacle of motorsport, delivering a rich history of innovative designs, market-leading technology and knowledge of what it takes to repeatedly win. Ricardo’s team of experienced design engineers is supported by a 5,000m2 manufacturing facility. If you require a clean sheet design of a totally bespoke transmission system or a pre-existing design with proven reliability, Ricardo has the expertise and personnel to support you
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3046

Kent Cams is pleased to announce the installation of its latest CNC twin-spindle cam grinding machine. It commissioned Erwin Junker in 2017 to design and supply Europe’s most up-to-date flexible grinding solution. Kent Cams is the only manufacturer that has invested in new grinding technology specifically tailored to grinding motorsport camshafts. The twin-spindle machine with swivelling B-axis resolution of 0.0001° offers superior flexibility when grinding different geometries in a single loading. The company’s head office and manufacturing facility offer the most up-to-date grinding solution available in motorsport, R&D and aftermarket camshaft grinding.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 6020

Alons Autosport specialises in motorsport electronics. It sells DTA engine motor management systems throughout the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DTA systems are state-of-the-art competition systems offering an unmatched combination of performance and affordability together with very user-friendly software. The company also sells Jenvey fuel injection throttle bodies and induction systems for motorsport at all levels, and high-performance vehicles of all types. To complete its range of products, it supplies custom-made looms, sensors, injectors and other parts.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3000

Life Racing provides specialist electronics for the professional motor racing industry, OEM automotive suppliers and military applications. Life Racing has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, development and support of a broad range of products, including engine control units (ECUs), power distribution units (PDUs), display units, integrated paddle shift systems and high-reliability wiring harnesses to all levels and variations of motorsport and automotive applications.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2044

Offering experience and expertise, Viktor Günther is your contact for the application of engine management systems, whether in the motorsport sector or for sporting road use. The company has decades of experience equipping old timers with Weber carburettors.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3050

Italian Racing Product, known worldwide as ItalianRP, is a racing car parts manufacturing company. A team of highly qualified engineers, designers and skilled technicians produce special parts, including steel concords, clutches and flywheels. All the parts are made in-house using the best materials, with quality control applied to each individual product. The high quality standards of ItalianRP’s production processes are the key to their success.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4032

DTAfast designs and manufactures engine management systems for spark ignition engines intended for use in competition vehicles. All its systems are easily mapped, resulting in multiple championships each year. The company is proud of its reputation for producing reliable, simple-to-use ECUs. All of its ECUs incorporate launch control, turbo control and full closed-loop flats shifting. Its more advanced ECUs have traction control, full VVT control, switchable maps, onboard logging and sequential control for up to 10 cylinders. Its top-of-the-range S100 has paddle shift control built in, removing the requirement for a separate controller.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3000

ARE Dry Sump Systems and Spintric manufacture the highest-quality aerospace cast aluminium, CNC-machined dry sump pans and pair them with innovative dry sump tanks, dry sump pumps and drive systems, and supply the entire system for your vehicle. When you add a Spintric air/oil separator, which reduces oil temperature by deaerating the oil, you then have the ultimate package for your race car. Armstrong Race Engineering/Spintric Technologies is truly ‘Everything Dry Sump’.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 6042

BMC Air Filter is a recognised world leader in the design and production of air filters and full air intake systems in the automotive sector. The company supplies the aftermarket with a wide portfolio of replacement air filters, the super/hypercar OEM market as Tier 1, and the motorsport market with many teams involved in Formula 1, WRC, DTM, LeMans 24 Hours, WEC, WTCC and MotoGP.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5068

HP Electronik develops and produces electronic components for the automotive industry, including automotive and race car powerboxes PDU, membrane panels laser engraved, CANbus controllers, intelligent master switch IMS – CANbus analysers, harnesses, etc.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 6022

Titan designs and produces high-performance engine, steering and drivetrain systems for motorsport applications. Supported by a comprehensive manufacturing facility, where quality is at the centre of everything, Titan’s experienced engineering team is available to work with customers to tailor their requirements, consult on performance and support prototype and production manufacture. Titan also offers a range of steering solutions, including electronic power steering, which can be customised to suit specific applications. In addition, a range of oil systems, inlet systems and limited slip differentials completes Titan’s high-performance range of products.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5034

Pistal Racing is a world leader in racing piston engineering and production, specialising in forged pistons using special alloys for gasoline and diesel engines (motorcycles, boats and race cars). Pistal Racing applied first the ‘double bridge’ forging technology in racing and production engines for top class motorcycles and supercars. Pistal Racing is able, with short delivery time, to produce four pistons for prototype engines or 5,000 pistons for production, machined from forged billet or from forging die. Every piston produced is conceived to be an unbeatable piece of art and function.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4032

Ozparts is a logistical and sales platform supporting the distribution of Australian and US automotive components in Europe. At Stand 3006 it will present five top automotive brands covering a wide range of products based on proven technologies and knowledge: DBA (Disc Brakes Australia), Xtreme Performance Clutch (Australian Clutch Services), King Racing (engine bearings), Whiteline (swaybars and alignment products) and Turbosmart (turbo accessories).
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3006

Earls specialises in motorsport fluids transfer, supplying and manufacturing hydraulic hose assemblies, adaptors, coolers, fittings, engine preheaters and fuel transfer systems. It is an official distributor of Staubli, Adel Wiggins, Fuelab, NOS and Holley pumps. The company offers a full range of CNC machining, producing bespoke, prototype and batch quantity components to customers’ requirements from a range of materials, including plastics, alloys, titanium and exotic stainless steels. ISO 9001 accredited.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 7078

BTN Performance is a one-stop shop for all your turbocharger needs. The company is a proud distributor of Garrett, BorgWarner, MHI, IHI, Vibrant Performance, AEM, Wiseco and Injector Dynamics. It offers an expansive range of turbochargers, electronics, fuel products and fabrication components. It strives to offer outstanding service with over 40 years in the turbocharger industry. It holds 18,000 turbos in stock covering over 2,500 part numbers.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3058

The IR4I (Innovation & Research for Industry) cluster is located in Emilia Romagna, the motorsport region of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and Ducati. The 29 companies with 2,000 employees and a turnover of €500m are focused on high-tech productions such as gears, fasteners, electric engines, electronics for engine management, titanium special parts manufacturing, testing and peening equipment.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5068

Westwood Cylinder Liners supplies and manufactures liners for re-sleeving and repairing all types of cylinder blocks and barrels. Its liners are used in many forms of motorsport: single-seater, touring, saloon, historic, vintage and motorcycle. The company stocks over 25,000 cylinder liners and can manufacture to order any type of special, from spun cast iron or ductile iron. It produces one-offs or production runs. Westwood supplies to OE manufacturers, race engine builders and trade suppliers.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 6018

Welcome to Xceldyne, a direct manufacturer of titanium, steel valves and valvetrain components. For many years, Xceldyne has ambitiously sought and successfully met the high demands of motorsport professionals worldwide. Its dedication to R&D, engineering and manufacturing has pioneered and set new standards for quality control, consistent performance and durability of racing valvetrain systems. Welcome to Performance Springs Inc (PSI), an industry leader that has worked continuously to expand its range of specialised valve spring applications. Currently offering springs for the motorsport industry, PSI springs feature heat treating, nitriding and the new Max Life surface preparation process for various applications.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3028

Arrow Precision is a world leader in the design and manufacture of connecting rods and crankshafts. The company offers a vast range of custom-designed and direct-replacement engine components for competition, high-performance, prototype and OE engines. Its customer base spans all areas of motorsport, including Nascar, WRC, Moto GP and LeMans. Its quality is equalled only by its level of service, whether you require a single rod or high-volume production. It has many popular engine types in stock, available by clicking on its website or by contacting the company directly.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5024

Cosworth employs its motorsport-inspired engineering and manufacturing capabilities to improve vehicle and driver performance. The group supplies electronics and powertrain products and engineering services to high-performance vehicle manufacturers, motorsport teams and performance enthusiasts around the world. With headquarters in Northampton, UK, the group has a globally recognised brand and employs staff across Europe and the USA.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 6014

Jenvey Dynamics manufactures and supplies fuel-injection throttle bodies and induction systems for all levels of motorsport from road-going sports cars, kit cars and track day vehicles to World Superbikes, S2000 spec rally cars and world and British touring cars. Design and development services are also offered for specialist sportscar manufacturers and OEM prototyping. The Jenvey range of twin and single bodies is extremely modular, allowing for customisation and fine tuning. The company is renowned worldwide for service, quality engineering and outstanding performance products, backed by its own motorsport success. Jenvey Dynamics knows what it takes to win.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2002

The new billet engine blocks for extreme high-power outputs has vastly improved block rigidity and deck thickness. Distortion of cylinder bores and crank tunnel is dramatically reduced through increased material thickness and a special four-bolt main cap system. The product offers significant weight savings and has minimal modifications to directly replace the standard block. The blocks have been proved in world time attack competition as well as in dragster sport. New Honeywell Garrett high-performance turbocharger for all motorsport applications. AEM engine management. Full range of Setrab proline intercoolers.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4015

With a passion for engineering and competition, Bosch Motorsport engineers high-performance solutions and provides access to Bosch technology for motorsport applications. Bosch Motorsport is a preferred development partner to break new ground. Starting with the first idea up to the racing application, many customers of Formula 1, the German touring car championship (DTM), the World Rally Championship (WRC) and many other race series are supported with dedicated solutions according to their needs.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3050

Magneti Marelli’s motorsport department designs and produces electronic and electromechanical systems for two- and four-wheel racing vehicles. It supplies high-tech systems for engine control and data acquisition (ECUs, injectors, sensors, etc.), telemetry systems and electrohydraulic systems for gearbox automation and control. It also provides displays, dashboards, alternators, voltage regulators, ignition coils, pressure regulators, fuel pumps and software applications. Magneti Marelli has developed strong expertise in designing and producing hybrid systems from F1/LMP1 championships to full-electric powertrains for Formula E.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4050

Based in Norfolk, UK, SCS Delta designs and manufactures powertrain control electronics for a wide variety of applications. The market-leading Delta range of management systems is capable of controlling virtually any internal combustion engine, including gasoline direct injection and common rail diesel. Its systems have been chosen as original equipment for the BAC Mono, Ginetta GRDC and ETXE Vuhl. It is also the supplier of control ECUs for the Mini challenge and PBMW 120d race series.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 7039

Designing high-performance sealing solutions for top-level motor racing has been a passion for Repack-S for 20 years. Innovation, engineering excellence, flexibility, reactivity and customer satisfaction are the company’s ethos. Its experts develop high-speed, low-friction yet utterly reliable dynamic sealing and guiding solutions for the most critical applications, such as power units – including ERS, oil and water pumps, transmissions (gearbox and clutch), steering racks and suspension systems.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2090

Expo highlights include: Thor, 1,500hp lightweight 3,974cc inline four, turbo unlimited class engine, RX engine, 600hp 2,000cc 45mm restrictor turbocharged inline four, FIA RallyCross and similar, XEMS, state-of-the-art ECU system with advanced power management. Elmer Racing designs and manufactures race engines and components in-house, in addition to providing other racing-related simulation and development work. Oskar, chief technology officer at Elmer Racing, will be on-site and available for discussions during the expo.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5090

Precision Technologies manufactures some of the world’s most accurate gears and splines used by race-winning international motorsport teams. The accuracy of its components is regulated by its in-house UKAS-approved inspection laboratories. Highly skilled personnel ensure that the exacting standards requested by its customers are delivered on time. The company offers a bespoke service from design to manufacture, from prototyping to complete batches of gears, splines and shafts, all manufactured in its own dedicated processing plant. Colin Palin, its highly respected and experienced technical director, will be on hand to discuss your requirements.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 6019

ACL is a global manufacturer of engine bearings for all types of vehicles. Its RACE Series performance engine bearings are track proven to provide optimum performance, endurance and durability – essential for higher RPM and high-horsepower engines. RACE Series performance engine bearings are the product of more than half a century of ACL bearing design, engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing experience. They are manufactured exclusively at the company’s plant in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5019

Lane Motorsport is a special division of Lane Electronics – a leading supplier of electrical connector products. It will be presenting the latest connectors from Souriau’s 8STA Series along with a comprehensive range of accessories from HellermannTyton and Weald Electronics. One highlight of Stand 5086 will be the recently announced ultra-miniature shell size 01 8STA connector. Based on the proven 8STA format, it is 20% smaller than size 02, features #26 contacts and handles 24 to 30 AWG wire. Alongside this new connector, the company will be showing size 01 accessories – protective caps, gaskets, nut plates, heat shrink boots and tools.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5086

Van Der Lee Turbo Systems offers high-end technical solutions in the design, development and manufacturing of turbo systems. It is the distributor for MHI products and channel partner for BorgWarner’s EFR range, which provides customers with a high-end cost-efficient solution. It offers the unique ability to design custom-made parts to fit specific applications, with the possibility to mix and match these with the best OEM components. Supported by its knowledge of automotive design and quality systems, Van Der Lee offers motorsport products that are of constant and highest quality, allowing you to push the limits and gain competitive advantage.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2056

Becker is a supplier of engineering services, high-quality rapid prototypes and low-volume production castings. Rapid prototype parts are cast in a very short lead time by using the sandprinter. CAD-to-CAST can be achieved within a few days. All parts are exclusively cast in low pressure. The Becker low-volume production process is performed in a highly automated casting facility equipped with robotic cells. In addition, Becker uses the SLM process to build highly complex, homogeneous metal components directly from CAD data. All parts are checked with its in-house CT-Scan. Becker has long-term relationships with F1, WEC, Nascar, WRC, WRX, DTM and OEMs.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4036

Established in 1945, LA Sleeve designs and manufactures cylinder sleeve liners using modern day technologies, ingenuity, materials, quality and service. Based in America, the company produces sleeve liners for iron and aluminium blocks in road course, rally, drag, F1, IndyCar, Nascar, American V8, Japanese, Asian and British engines. It also produces two-stroke and four-stroke liner kits for dirt bikes, karting, scooters, snowmobiles, street bikes, boats, personal watercraft and mopeds. A custom liner programme is available and the company can assist with liner design and manufacturing for proprietary engine concepts and projects.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 7038

TTV Racing manufactures flywheel and clutch packages designed for specific applications in motorsport or fast road. Drift, circuit, rallycross, sprint and rally, both tarmac and loose, all have their specific design needs to maximise performance. A large stock is held for the more popular applications, and special one-off design and manufacture at very competitive costs is TTV’s speciality. Whether you require a one-off or batches, delivered just in time, TTV can help. Its in-house design service ensures the most cost-effective answers to your clutch and flywheel requirements.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 5092

Wilmink Performance provides state-of-the-art performance engine hardware and is the exclusive European distributor for A brands such as Dart, Durabond, Melling, Eagle, Hastings, SBI and United Engine. It is also the official distributor for Moroso, Supertech, KingRacing, CompCams, World, CP Pistons, ARP, ACL, Carrillo, Cometic, Darton, Fel-Pro, Ferrea, and many other famous brands. Wilmink Performance has the biggest stock of performance engine parts in Europe. From among these A brands, Wilmink Performance can offer engine parts for almost every application. Its specialists can support customers with the best advice for their engines.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2012

DTM Homologe is a European company that produces performance and motorsport power ignition coils, full brake kits, racing callipers, racing rotors and air high-flow filter systems. The company tries to have the biggest possible power with the lowest cost and top quality. A specialist in ignition coils, it produces two lines – Evo red coils with 35,000V, and Genesis yellow coils – which are the most powerful in the market today, with 45,000V, for Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Mini, Citröen, Peugeot, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Smart.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2050

Racinglines is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of precision fluid transfer systems for motorsport, OEM, aftermarket and specialist vehicles. It supplies a range of fuel, oil, coolant, brake and air solutions. Its product line-up has been developed by working at the top flight of motorsport, including World Rally, GT, Le Mans and touring cars. Based at Motorsport Valley in the UK, it can offer bespoke one-off solutions or mass production.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 3036

The Capricorn Group is a specialist supplier in the automotive and motorsport industry with six production facilities in four countries across Europe and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. Every single one of Capricorn’s businesses has evolved from motorsport and developed over the years. It is the direct response to success or failure in motorsport that drives Capricorn to develop the right solutions within a defined timeframe every single day. The Capricorn portfolio contains composite fibre structures, monocoques, crankshafts, con-rods, pistons, cylinder liners, forgings, castings, as well as CNC-manufactured components made of light alloys.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4055

Grainger & Worrall (GW), the world’s leading total castings solutions provider, will be showcasing its wide range of casting skills, validation and associated engineering services at Professional MotorSport World Expo 2017. The award-winning organisation is at the forefront of innovation in motorsport casting, with long-standing experience across Formula 1, WRC, Nascar, MotoGP and other race series. GW offers world-class excellence in structural casting, machining, engineering and rapid prototyping, with a focus on high-integrity castings, right-sizing and structural weight reduction, without compromising on mechanical properties. Employing techniques such as 3D sandprinting and CT scanning validation, GW continues to push engineering boundaries.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 7030

With over 70 years’ experience, JE Pistons is a leader in high-performance forged pistons. The company has built a reputation that the competition can only follow. JE has a history of manufacturing the highest-quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams and high-performance enthusiasts trust and rely on.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4053

Auto Verdi, based in Sweden, is a specialist in the manufacture and development of con rods for racing engines, as well as developing and manufacturing dry sump pumps. Its main markets are professional Nascar teams and drag racing teams in North America. The market for con rods is typically Europe for all types of motorsport from amateur to professional race teams and engine builders.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2016

TurboZentrum is the biggest supplier of engine performance parts in Germany. Specialising in turbochargers, the company offers in-house turbocharger modifications for higher performance and durability of stock turbos.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2024

After 75 years in the business, Wiseco has become synonymous with pistons, especially for off-road racing and riding. Wiseco has attained that instant brand recognition by being one of the few manufacturers of forged pistons in the USA.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 4053

Motordesign Sweden, located south of Gothenburg and founded in 1992 by current managing director, Kent Karlsso, develops, builds and markets engines and products for all categories of motorsport. It also provides full service and all associated parts, systems and components. Unique high-performance cylinder heads and complete engines for racing, rally and rallycross represent the core business.
Professional MotorSport World Expo Stand: 2016

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