OMP unveils biometric sensor-equipped shirt

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Being able to measure driver biometrics is a useful tool for both performance development and safety monitoring. Equipment supplier OMP has been at the forefront of the development of wearable biometric monitoring systems, not least with the introduction of optical pulse sensors into gloves in 2019, which have been adopted as mandatory in Formula 1. Now, the company has stepped up its efforts, and in collaboration with Marelli Motorsport, released the VISM (Vital Signs Monitoring) undershirt.

The shirt is equipped with Sensitex, which combines textile sensors and a measurement unit to record and transmit a driver’s biometric data either to a car’s onboard logger or telemetry system. OMP says that VISM allows real-time monitoring of the driver’s state of health through the elaboration of ECG (electrocardiogram) and thoracic expansion, both acquired by the sensors. The simultaneous analysis of heart rhythm and breath rate allows the driver performance index to be monitored in real time, and so immediately identifies possible states of stress, fatigue and alteration.

OMP says it led the project, bringing its experience of safety systems, homologation test procedures and garment manufacture, while Marelli contributed its know-how in motorsport electronics, data acquisition and telemetry.

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