Lee Company develops new pressure relief valve

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Component manufacturer Lee Company has developed a new hi-damped pressure relief valve insert to provide a solution where high or spiking pressure is present.

The designers at Lee Company developed a dual-hydraulic dampening chamber system to combat common issues with standard relief valves such as erosion, structural damage and instability.

The technology is a central feature of the company’s new 375 HD pressure relief insert (PRI). The dual-chamber design enables a stable relief flow at varying flow rates and pressure combinations, alongside quiet operation.

Built to the demands of precision micro-hydraulic systems, the PRI is available in diameters of 7.14mm and 9.53mm options, weighing as little as 9g and up to a maximum weight of 21g. The valve is made of stainless steel to meet requirements for longevity and durability, and features a 440C poppet and seat.

Available in both forward and reverse relief flow directions, the range offers cracking pressures for 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000PSI systems, working up to a peak system pressure of 6,750PSI.

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