New power motorsport chassis dyno from Mustang Dynamometer

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A new dyno designed for the power motorsport market has been added to the Mustang Dynamometer portfolio. The high-speed combination MD-SXS/UTV is suitable for assessing side-by-sides, UTVs, motorcycles, quad-runners and other vehicles that are becoming legal to drive on roads.

It features a low-profile design and eddy current loading features for precise tuning and diagnostic applications. The base mechanical inertia of the MD-SXS/UTV works well for testing lightweight cycles and quads, while the powerful eddy current power absorption unit provides enough muscle to apply a serious load for steady-state testing applications. It is useful for quickly and easily diagnosing performance problems, breaking in engines, performing EFI mapping and other tasks.

Mustang Dynamometer’s new unit provides 850hp (559kW) peak measurement capacity, along with 250hp (186kW) peak absorption. The loading device is an air-cooled eddy current power absorber, with an additional motor available as an option for transient testing. It has an inertia of 394 lb (179kg) in MC mode, 671 lb (304kg) in UTV/SXS/ATV mode and a maximum speed of 200mph (322km/h).

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