Vuhl’s uprated 05RR debuts at Race of Champions in Mexico City

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Vuhl has unveiled its uprated 05RR at the Race of Champions in Mexico City. Fitted with a Ford-sourced 2-liter engine, the track car now generates 396bhp and weighs in at 660kg.

In comparison to its predecessor, weight has been reduced by 65kg and its distribution has markedly improved. Power and torque output have increased by 115bhp and 100Nm respectively, while power-to-weight is upped to a total of 600bhp/tonne.

A lightweight flywheel, lighter race clutch and full carbon wheels have significantly reduced rotational inertia and boosted engine performance in the 05RR, allowing it to reach 100km/h in 2.7 seconds.

Mechanically, a lower powertrain position has enabled the 05RR’s center of gravity to lower 50mm, which – combined with a sequential paddle shift gearbox, limited slip differential and a track-focused suspension and steering system – offers greater grip. Customers also have the option of bespoke track-specific suspension set-up and slick tires.

An updated high-downforce set-up on the 05RR also aids handling. The aerodynamic balance, combined with a 4% shift in weight distribution, harnesses a total 1.8g of lateral acceleration.

Iker Echeverria, Vuhl technical director, said, “The Vuhl 05RR is here. More exciting, more engaging and faster than ever before, this car is a real milestone in our company’s development.

“We have been listening to feedback, done some learning and quietly developing and evolving our offering for a number of years. The result is truly remarkable, a car that is devoid of restraint and an improvement in almost every area.”

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