Porsche reveals next-generation all-electric Mission R concept

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Porsche has released details of its Mission R concept car, a fully electric race car it says has performance similar to that of a 911 GT3.

The concept measures 4,300mm x 1,900mm, making it slightly shorter than the company’s 918 Boxster. Keeping on a sustainability message, Porsche says it has utilized a natural fiber-reinforced plastic (NFRP) to produce much of the body, including the front spoiler lip, the diffuser, and the side skirts. As a result, the Mission R weighs in at approximately 1,500kg. The car also features active aerodynamic elements, including a drag reduction system front and rear.

To ensure that prolonged running can be achieved, Porsche says it has developed electric motors with direct oil cooling. Unlike conventional electrical machine cooling where fluid flows through a jacket outside the stator, the oil now flows directly along copper windings, allowing for a more efficient dissipation of heat.

This enables the front axle electric motor to produce 320kW (435ps) when placed in race mode. However, in a qualifying mode, the full potential of the permanently excited synchronous machines (PESMs) is unleashed, with the AWD system capable of a maximum power output of 800kW (1,088ps). This can propel the car from 0-100km/h in under 2.5 seconds, and up to a top speed of over 300km/h.

Both electric motors deliver power to the front and rear wheels through straight-toothed input gearboxes and mechanical LSDs. The drive system has been designed in a modular manner, meaning the gearbox, electric motors, and inverters on the front and rear axles are identical with the goal of improving cost of parts in customer motorsports.

Instead of opting for an underbody battery, Porsche utilizes a block shaped battery, so that the driver’s seating position could be as low slung in the vehicle as possible. Centrally aligned, the battery is situated behind the driver and has a total capacity of 82kWh, enabling an estimated 30 minutes of running at racing speeds.

Due to the Mission R making use of 900V technology, Porsche claims the vehicle can be charged at DC fast-charging stations, from 5% to 80% in around 15 minutes, and features a maximum charging capacity of 340kW.

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