Proflex develops lightweight fuel cells for GT racing

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UK-based Proflex Advanced Technology has been busy developing a number of new fuel cells for GT racing applications, including the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 and 911 GT3 (both 996 and 997).

Proflex uses its own, proprietary Kevlar-based material for construction of the cells, Proflexcell. The use of this, coupled with optimization of the cells’ design, netted an impressive 1.5kg weight reduction in the case of the 997 unit (compared with the original production).

In the case of the Gallardo cell, the customer’s original cell was reverse engineered, and the design then optimized for better fit, with weight reduced by 1kg over the original.

Kevin Molloy, owner of Proflex, noted that as the customer was on a tight budget (as are many teams in the current climate) many of the original tank fittings were refurbished and reused, keeping costs in check.

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