GMA launches second model, the T.33

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Before the first customer deliveries of the sold-out T.50 have even commenced, Gordon Murray has released details of his follow-up creation, the T.33. Described as more of a Grand Touring supercar than the ultra-focused T.50, it retains the same 3.9-liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine layout of its forbear, albeit heavily revised by partner Cosworth and renamed the GMA.2 V12.

Weighing in at just 178kg, the V12 can rev to 11,100rpm – lower than the version in the T.50 which peaks at 12,100rpm – and produces 615ps at 10,500rpm and 451Nm at 9,000rpm. Once again, Cosworth has focused on making the engine both highly responsive but also tractable, stating it can deliver 75% of maximum torque at 2,500rpm with 90% available between 4,500rpm and 10,500rpm.

The basic architecture of the T.50 engine remains, but the T.33 unit uses new camshafts, variable valve timing and revised engine mapping. Along with a new ram induction intake system, a new exhaust system has also been developed, while the engine mountings, water cooling and oil cooling systems were developed specifically for the GMA.2 V12.

Transmission manufacturer Xtrac has once again been called on to create a bespoke six-speed transmission for the T.33, which will be offered to customers with either a manual gearchange or an Instantaneous Gearchange System (IGS) paddle shift. The manual will be standard with the paddle shift as an option; with the former weighing in at 82kg, and the sequential at 78kg. Similar to the T.50, the T.33’s engine and transmission will be semi-structural components.

“The engine is the heart and soul of any supercar. And to ensure driving perfection, it must be bespoke, and it must be normally aspirated,” said Murray. “We were fortunate that we had the world’s greatest V12 from the T.50 as a starting point. Yet, nothing was taken for granted, and no part was automatically carried over without due diligence and consideration.

“When we once again joined forces with our technical partner Cosworth to create a bespoke engine for the T.33, every single detail was pored over in painstaking depth. Numerous systems and components were re-engineered and re-designed to pursue excellence, and we are 100% confident that the GMA.2 V12 provides the perfect match for the T.33’s driving characteristics.”

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