Team Vesco ups the ante for electric land speed records

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The Team Vesco 444 reVolt Systems streamliner, driven by Eric Ritter, has broken the US National Electric E3 Record twice at the Bonneville Salt Flats. First, with a respectable 322mph (518km/h) run, followed 24 hours later by a blistering 353mph (568km/h) average – 12mph (19km/h) faster than the previous world record.

Rockville, Utah-based Team Vesco joined forces with Oceanside, CA’s reVolt Systems led by Eddy Borysewicz. With significant contributions from American Track Roadsters’ Greg Peek and engineering from Trenton Wonsley, the team states that it has demonstrated to the world the potential of EV powertrains. “Little Giant parked some big records on the salt,” said team owner Rick Vesco. “We are excited about the future of electric vehicles and happy to be a part of shattering the notion that electric cars are slow!”

The 444 attained both National E3 Class Records in only four runs down the Salt Flats track. All records require two runs that are averaged to the record speed, but world records have the added requirement of completing both runs within 60 minutes, which means Team Vesco’s car only officially recorded a national record. The reVolt Little Giant’s battery pack – comprising 1,152 prismatic lithium-ion cells providing power to a pair of highly modified Tesla motors – was recharged with solar power using a Tier 4 solar trailer.

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