Cognitive.RS develops data tracking app

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Cognitive.RS has introduced a new motorsport data app, enabling teams to access lap information. Developed to make it easier to digitally record and store data, the app can provide information to support faster lap times.

“Our team has an extensive history of working in motorsport, nationally and internationally, both running and managing cars, people and equipment,” said Barry Neale, CEO at Cognitive.RS. “The norm was to record input data on paper and in spreadsheets, having multiple pieces of paper and documents. Now we no longer have to travel with a stack of previous years books.”

Available online, Cognitive.RS has expanded its line-up to five products. This includes Momento for event scheduling, timetables and clock countdowns; Transfer for copying and renaming of video files and data logs from portable disks; Contact Patch for tire management and performance; CodeX for complete car set-up data and component lifing; and Insight for hardware independent data analysis incorporating setup input data and tire management.

“We first established a time schedule on the app for the whole team, then moved to improving the process of transferring video and data logging files from the race car and automatically renaming and placing files for later access,” added Neale.

“Next we tackled tire management so that everything is recorded in one place. Again, rather than writing setup, tire pressures and mileage tracking on a spreadsheet, the app can record and give the complete history for every individual tire. It is also the same for set-up information which can now be recorded along with associating all this information with logged data.”

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