Mantel Group develops new motorsport data-management systems

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Australia-based IT services company Mantel Group has announced its new cloud-based data platform service, named, for use in the motorsport sector.

The dedicated platform will bring Formula 1 technology to race drivers and teams of all levels, allowing them to make use of data collected from race or test events. Often paper, spreadsheets and emails are used outside of top-tier racing to collect data, but this can be problematic when having to deal with sensors and other factors that produce large amounts of data in a short amount of time.

Mantel’s new platform will allow motorsport employees to instantly log driver feedback, provide communication between engineers and drivers, and view previous historical logs. In turn, this will enable teams to set up cars, maximize tire life and optimize the performance output from a range of cars, and alongside this it can also capture, store and analyze other sources of data such as car telemetry. The system also uses the latest technology in cloud, digital platforms, data analytics and AI.

Development of was carried out in partnership with motorsport teams from across the world including Asia, Australia and the USA on open-wheelers, supercars and Porsche Carrera Cup cars to ensure real-world race situations were implemented when developing the product.

Con Mouzouris, CEO of Mantel Group, said, “Insight on critical decisions made at the track were lost because the data is difficult to work with in spreadsheets and in books when capturing driver and car setup information. After research in other motorsport markets, we quickly realized the opportunity to have a greater impact was real. We are excited to help karting, grassroots, amateur, professional and coaching levels across the motorsport industry move forward with this technology.”

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