VIDEO: Alfa Romeo F1 showcases aerodynamic development in latest episode of Beyond the Visible

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The new episode in the Alfa Romeo-branded docuseries Measuring the Unmeasurable outlines the Alfa Romeo F1 team’s aerodynamic secrets and the science that goes into studying the dynamics of airflow to control resistance, friction and motion.

Ensuring these aerodynamic characteristics are managed correctly is vital, as they influence the vehicle’s efficiency and performance. Understanding how airflow interacts with the single-seater race car’s aerodynamic elements enables the team to come up with a winning combination that can be altered depending on the weather or track surface.

The latest episode introduces two main phenomena – drag (resistance to forward motion) and downforce (using aero design to create downward force and more traction).

“In my opinion, the topic of this episode is one of the most interesting themes of this exciting docuseries and reveals the secrets of aerodynamics, one of the most important and strategic disciplines in F1, in which the genius and vision of the best technicians are expressed,” explained Cristiano Fiorio, Alfa Romeo F1 manager. “Indeed, rules have often some ‘gray’ areas, which leave room for the most diverse interpretations. And it is precisely here that unique insights are born, those flashes of genius that can make the difference.

“It is a fascinating world of spasmodic research, continuous perfection and great people. That’s why we have two teams, one at the track and one at the factory, that work together to get the most competitive car. All at top speed and with one goal: to dominate the air and be the best performing team.”

The three previous episodes in the docuseries – Before We Hit the Ground, Trust Is Gained and The Hidden Backbone – are all available online.

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