Brembo supplies braking systems to MotoGP World Championship

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For the 2023 MotoGP World Championship, Brembo is supplying customized braking systems to all 11 teams and 22 riders competing within the class. The supply package includes brake calipers, carbon discs, brake master cylinders, clutch pumps and pads.

All of the championship’s riders are using Brembo’s GP4, a four-piston monobloc aluminum caliper that was launched in 2020 and dedicated to use within the racing series. Machined from a single solid piece of aluminum, the GP4 has been designed with external fins and other elements to deliver a caliper with an anti-drag system, designed to enhance torque during braking.

This works by generating a force which supplements that created by the hydraulic pressure of the brake fluid on the pistons. As a result, the rider gets a much better benefit from applying the same pressure to the brake lever. Additionally, a spring device on the anti-drag system reduces residual torque and stops the pads and discs from touching each other, which would result in the bike slowing down.

Brembo is providing teams with five different carbon brake disc options, each available in High Mass and Standard material specifications for a total of 10 disc solutions. It is anticipated that throughout the season most riders will use the 340mm discs across High and Standard Mass, with some teams choosing the 320mm discs. For circuits that require a much larger amount of braking, such as Spielberg, Motegi, Sepang or Buriram, Brembo introduced two ventilated disc options in 2022, in 340mm or 355mm. Every disc is 8mm thick and weighs 1-1.4kg depending on specification.

In total, Brembo’s MotoGP braking system weighs approximately 5.5kg and the optimum operating temperature of the carbon discs must be between 250°C and 850°C.

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