PMW Expo: 20+ Driver-specific exhibits

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20+ exhibitors from the 2015 Professional MotorSport World Expo, who exhibited the latest technologies for professional and amatuer drivers alike

At the 2015 Professional MotorSport World Expo, there is a wide range of performance specialists and motorsport professionals showcasing race simulation, race driver health and performance products, data capture, racewear and much more!

Recaro Automotive Seating

Stand: 4002

Stand Representatives: Romi Doser, Marc Beckord, Frank Link, Sandra Schumacher

Recaro has been setting standards in automotive seating for decades. Generations of race car drivers have relied on Recaro products to deliver the highest standards in safety and ergonomics. At this year’s Professional MotorSport World Expo, Recaro Automotive Seating will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its groundbreaking sport seat, showcasing its current motorsport portfolio. Highlights include adjustable systems consisting of shells and length-adjustable risers. They guarantee an optimal seating position for different drivers – a great advantage in terms of vehicle control. One of the latest Recaro products is the new Pole Position N.G. (FIA) featuring three adapters for different race car types.

Base Performance Simulators Ltd

Stand: 6068

Stand Representatives: Ella Barrington, Martyn Hoyer

Base Performance Simulators (BPS) provides simulator packages tailored to the needs of any driver, from its base near Banbury, 20 minutes from Silverstone, UK. BPS was created by double Le Mans-winning Aston Martin works driver, Darren Turner. With 12 years of experience in developing cutting-edge Formula 1 simulators, Darren has a unique insight into the science of racing simulation. A former winner and subsequent judge of the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year Award, he knows what is important when it comes to driver training and development. BPS has two specialist simulators on-site for hire – the BPS4.8 single seater, now with full motion, and the BPS GT simulator – alongside manufacturing bespoke simulator systems for teams and individuals around the world. The BPS facility can also be used for unique corporate and private events.

Racelogic GmbH

Stand: 5032

Stand Representatives: Leander Speth

Racelogic is showcasing its new VBOX dual-camera video and data system, featuring 1080p60 video with picture-in-picture, real-time graphics, wi-fi and Bluetooth for accessories such as heart rate monitors and OBD interfaces. This new VBOX has been developed using extensive customer feedback, and represents what the company hopes is the ultimate in cutting-edge video and data technology for the race car. With this system, Racelogic aims to give drivers the fastest way to improve their lap times in the simplest and most effective way possible. Visit Stand 5032 to see the VBOX in action and to learn how Racelogic can help you get more from your racing car.

Stand 21

Stand: 4000

Stand Representatives: Romain Morizot, Jorg Senlaub, Roya Behiar, Adrien de Gail, Florian Chevrot

Founded 45 years ago in Dijon, France, Stand 21 is now a world leader in head-to-toe made-to-measure personal racing equipment. Stand 21 products are designed, engineered and hand crafted by 150 employees at its own facilities, meeting the most stringent safety and medical standards. By attending more than 300 races a year in 30 different countries, Stand 21 makes itself available to personally assist its customers wherever they need it the most. All Stand 21 products have earned a well-deserved reputation of the finest quality. That is why Stand 21 is the official and exclusive safety equipment provider for top racing teams worldwide, such as Porsche Motorsport, Corvette Racing and Ligier. Safety is more than Stand 21’s business; it is also a passion that has led to the creation of the Stand 21 Safety Foundation, acting under the name Racing Goes Safer (

Cruden BV

Stand: 6050

Stand Representatives: Martijn de Mooij, Frank Kalff, Edwin de Vries

Cruden works with many top race teams, including Formula 1, and motorsport engineering companies around the world. It produces simulators for race car engineering, vehicle development and driver familiarisation. Its six degrees of freedom (6-DOF), driver and hardware in the loop, motion-based simulators are trusted for their realism and accuracy, and relied on to deliver unlimited testing in less time and for less money. The company also supplies simulator components and simulator software, and undertakes car modelling and track modelling to order. Cruden is responsible for its own professional image generation.


Stand: 8023

Stand Representatives: Simon Perkins

Willans is pleased to announce the launch of flexible fuel bladders, in addition to its range of safety harnesses and fire suppression systems. The FIA-approved bladders are made from its W301 material, consisting of a Kevlar woven fabric covered in a unique elastomer, which is strong, thin, flexible and light. The resulting tanks are very lightweight, able to hold more fuel and easier to insert through small apertures than traditional nylon bladders. The innovative features are indicative of the brand philosophy to always produce the best products possible.

Autotel Digital Race Radio

Stand: 3040

Stand Representatives: Sarah Mower, Richard Palmer, Peter James

Autotel Digital offers a complete range of radio communications equipment for motorsports, from entry level to full team systems used in top-level motorsport applications. The company specialises in digital systems that offer many benefits when used in this environment, and prides itself on offering high build quality, cutting-edge technology and value for money to its many customers. Of special interest this year to its export customers is the new NX9001 system. This very cost-effective full digital system offers the same high-quality digital communication as the company’s main systems, with a full expansion path to a larger team system. The system is aimed at end users and dealers in Europe and throughout the world.


Stand: 3056

Stand Representatives: Joachim Taelman, Ann Goeman

In racing, the optimal readiness of the driver during the race is the key to success. BioRICS, in cooperation with the race team GetSpeed, has developed cutting-edge technology to monitor the mental state of the driver. The system analyses body parameters measured on the driver and indicates in real time if the driver is in the optimal performance zone. This product, called Driver’s Performance @ Racing, is based on scientific evidence. It is a basic tool for every professional racing team and driver eager to improve.

Creventic BV – 24HSERIES.COM

Stand: C410

Stand Representatives: Helen Roukens, Daphne Gengler, Gerrie Willems, Ole Dörleman, Natasha Mark

Dutch agency, Creventic, is the promoter of the 24h Series, an FIA-approved international endurance series of 12- and 24-hour endurance race events at fascinating circuits all over the world, aimed at amateurs and gentleman drivers, semi-professionals and professional drivers. A wide variety of ‘tin top’ touring cars, GTs and 24h specials (such as silhouette cars) are eligible to race, from ‘hot hatchbacks’ up to proper GT3 machinery and purpose-built race cars. Current events include the Hankook 24h Dubai, the Hankook 12h Italy-Mugello, the Hankook 24h Silverstone, the Hankook 12h Zandvoort, the Hankook 24h Circuit Paul Ricard, the 24h Barcelona and the Hankook 12h Epilog Brno.

GP-Race Equipment SL

Stand: 7022

Stand Representatives: Marc Labarta, Xavier Dauphin

GP-Race Equipment has designed and manufactured FIA-approved racing seats since 2006. It uses the latest fibreglass technology available, in order to offer the lightest and strongest fibreglass seats on the market at a very competitive price. GP-Race Equipment also offers a wide range of quality harnesses, steering wheels and fire extinguishers, as well as other motorsport accessories. This year it will present the lightest FIA-approved fibreglass racing seat ever made, thanks to innovative vacuum moulding technology. GP-Race Equipment’s ambition is to become a leading supplier of motorsport accessories in the next few years. It is looking for motivated independent distributors worldwide.

Isoclima SpA

Stand: 7010

Stand Representatives: Mark Hancock, Miriam Romagnolo

Since 1994 Isoclima has supplied composite and glass glazings for the Super Touring Championship, British Touring Car Championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, Japanese GT Championship, FIA GT1, GT2, GT3, and WTCC World Touring Car Championship. The key technological advantages of the Isoclima Polycarbonate Sport Car glazings are optical clarity, especially with complex canopy LMP screens, dimensional control and fitment systems, resistance to high impact, coatings, enhanced driver comfort, scratch resistance and heated glazings.

Lazer Lamps Ltd

Stand: 6018

Stand Representatives: Ben Russell-Smith, Chris Armelin

Lazer Lamps will present its range of Triple-R elite and standard ultra-long-range LED lights for the motorsport market, along with unique mounting innovation solutions. The Triple-R lights feature optional magnesium components for weight reduction, combined with charged air cooling systems to maximise light output. Lazer is proud to design and manufacture all products in the UK, thanks to its world-class production facilities.


Stand: 5032

Stand Representatives: Steffen Leitgeb

Leitspeed is the main distributor for Racelogic VBOX motorsport products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These markets are supported by Leitspeed with exclusive German manuals and an upgraded German product service. Some of the video loggers get custom-tailored packaging to meet higher quality demands. Video loggers sold and supported by Leitspeed are widely used in various race series, including Adac GT Masters, VLN and 24H race series, Blancpain Trophy, rallycross, Porsche Sports Cup and various historic races.

Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems

Stand: 1031

Stand Representatives: Jim Morris

Lifeline will be debuting its Zero 3620 fire suppression system, approved to the new FIA 8865 standard. It has been awarded the FIA gold standard, being approved for use with unleaded petrol, diesel, E85 and methanol fuel types. The company will also show its class-leading range of Zero 2000 and Zero 360 fire suppression systems, along with its range of steering wheel quick-release bosses, rear-view mirrors, FIA roll cage padding and its exceptionally popular, market-leading LED rain light, which has been mandated by the ACO for the LMP class, due to its exceptional performance.

Motordrive Seats Ltd

Stand: 3008

Stand Representatives: Darren Meadows, Julie Meadows

Motordrive manufactures FIA-homologated competition seats. In the company’s 30-year history, the owners have focused on safety, style and comfort, without compromise. Motordrive seats are built in the UK with attention to detail and bespoke finishes. Motordrive supplies direct to the public and also to race/rally teams. Innovation is key, and the business is proud of its latest developments, which include newly homologated winged seats and coloured shells. Motordrive is a UK market leader in lightweight, affordable, quality carbon seats, and is keen to develop a wider distributor network in Europe and beyond. While staying true to its heritage, the business is being driven forward in the way you would expect from a privately owned British firm with a lot of pride and a big presence in the UK market. Motordrive is now looking to expand into the world market for competition seating.

Mylaps Sports Timing

Stand: C405

Stand Representatives: Max Milbredt

Timing specialist Mylaps Sports Timing is rapidly expanding its field of work to cover more than timekeeping alone: data acquisition is a highly important point of focus, with the introduction of the X2 system and the brand-new X2 transponders. At Stand C405 you will find all there is to know about timekeeping and data acquisition in the world of racing, and of course the X2 system and transponders. The Mylaps crew is happy to chat with you about the benefits of X2 and discuss opportunities for your business.

Old Hall Performance

Stand: 1030

Stand Representatives: Daniel Street

The exclusive European agent of BSCI seat inserts and Red Line synthetic oil and heat shield products, Old Hall Performance offers a wholesaler supply chain for distributors, retailers and professional teams across a variety of brands. Its main focus at PMW is its newly FIA-homologated seat insert system, currently certified for use in LMP1 and used by the majority of teams. The BSCI system was the first of its kind to achieve the homologation, designed for optimum driver safety and comfort while meeting all impact and fire resistance testing.


Stand: 6044

Oreca-Store is a leading European distributor of Motorsport equipment and accessories, and the exclusive dealer of popular brands Turn One and RedSpec. The company offers more than 25 brands and 30,000 references at the best prices to national and international dealers, teams and end users. Its range of products covers all market needs: driver and cockpit equipment, brake systems, engine parts, wheels and tires, transmissions, body parts, shock absorbers, pit equipment and tools, leisure wear and more.

Performance Racing Industry

Stand: 4016

Performance Racing Industry (PRI) produces the world’s largest racing trade show, and publishes monthly the number 1 business magazine for motorsports. In addition, provides racing professionals with daily racing business news, as well as new product introductions, racing industry blogs and more. The 29th Annual PRI Trade Show will be held 10-12 December 2015 in Indianapolis, USA. With 1,200 exhibitors and 3,300 booths, the show attracts 45,000 buyers from over 80 countries. It is a trade-only event. The PRI magazine is entering its 30th year of publishing monthly and is closely read by tens of thousands of racing industry business people from 110 countries (buyers, manufacturers, distributors, professional race teams, race engine builders, engineers, retailers, racetracks, promoters, sanctioning bodies, etc.).

Print Run Promotions Ltd

Stand: 2018

Stand Representatives: Richard Milliken-Smith

Sound out Print Run Promotions for new and exciting ideas together with high-tech gifts that can all be branded with your company logo. Print Run Promotions specialises in merchandise for the automotive and motorsport sectors, covering a wide range from pens and key rings through to chargers and speakers. Sourcing from the Far East, Print Run will be launching its 2016 product range, which makes its stand one not to miss!

Racetech Europe Ltd

Stand: 2000

Stand Representatives: David Phillips, Rainer Kamphausen, Tobias Geissinger

Motorsport seats produced in Wellington, New Zealand, made to FIA-approved standards, and chosen by McLaren GT, Aston Martin Racing, Porsche, the FIA and Callaway Corvette for GT Racing. They are also used by Mattias Ekstrom in World Rallycross. FIA 8862-2009 seats homologated in four sizes are available in carbon/Kevlar or glass-fibre composite featuring back mount and driver cooling facilities. These seats come complete with floor and backmount brackets and are lifed for 10 years. FIA 8855-1999 seats used by Andy Robinson in drag racing, Andrew Jordan in BTCC, Mike Jordan in Classics, again available in four sizes.

Schroth Safety Products GmbH

Stand: 5050

Stand Representatives: Thomas Muehlenz, Janina Schueltke

Schroth Safety Products is a leading supplier of FHR (frontal head restraint) devices, lightweight harnesses and related safety equipment worldwide. Patented technology includes the lightweight RFR rotary buckle, SlipStop system for HANS device, hybrid harnesses and the ASM technology to prevent submarining in four-point harnesses. Check out the latest model of its Enduro Belt and the full range of SlipStop FHR systems. FIA and/or ECE approvals on all models. Visit Stand 5050 or to see the brand-new Schroth Safety Products iNDi seat, which is one of the most impressive driver ‘contact’ products in the market. Learn more to avoid leaving valuable time and performance on the track.

Simpson Performance PRI

Stand: 1016

Stand Representatives: Patrick Lynch, Jan Phersson, Chuck Davies

Simpson Performance Products has been the leading US manufacturer of safety equipment for the motorsports industry since 1959. Simpson is the first American company to manufacture an FIA 8860 helmet and also supplies racing helmets, racing suits, and HANS and hybrid head and neck restraint systems to professional and grassroots racers worldwide. Simpson believes in putting safety first, and is dedicated to elevating the standards of racing safety through continuous development, refinement and testing.


Stand: 8012

Stand Representatives: Valter Casa

Toorace suits include the TRS1, produced in Nomex. This is available in black, white, red, royal blue, navy blue, light grey, green, orange, and green fluo. The TRS2 is also produced in Nomex, and available in black, white, royal blue and cream. The TRS3 is produced in Nomex, and available in black, white, royal blue, cream, cobalt blue, navy blue, pink, and green fluo. Toorace’s personalised suits, underwear, boots and gloves include TOP-black, white, royal blue, red and cream, long johns in black, white, royal blue, red and cream, balaclavas in blue, red, cream, black and white, TRB1-fireproof boots with suede and inserts made in smooth-grain leather, and TRST2-model of gloves with internal seams and white leather palm reinforcement.

Viraver Technology Srl

Stand: 2012

Stand Representatives: Guido Schippa, Massimo Pilon

Viraver is a world leader in the production of glazing for the transportation industry. Based in Italy, Viraver specialises in the design and manufacturing of composite windscreens, glass and polycarbonate windows set for show cars, prototypes and racing cars. Thanks to its expertise, Viraver offers lightweight transparent panels providing the maximum protection and optical quality, perfectly integrated in the design of the car. Viraver technology includes weight reductions of up to 50%, increased scratch resistance, micro-wired heating elements, infrared protection, and side windows with sliding doors (patented).

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