Jota to harness AI for design and engineering

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Sportscar racing outfit Jota Sport has partnered with Monolith AI, the provider of an artificial intelligence-driven platform for design and engineering, in a move the team hopes will accelerate its design and development processes.

Monolith AI’s artificial intelligence-powered technology will be used to enhance the team’s dynamic data modeling, to optimize and validate track test and simulation testing data. The company states that its platform enables engineers to better map and model areas of car design which, up until now, have proven difficult to improve. Jota says it will deploy the system in every area of engineering from car set-up, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics and tire modeling.

Tomoki Takahashi, technical director at Jota Sport, noted, “Monolith has already radically changed how we operate within the engineering team here at Jota. Their technology empowers our engineers to make faster, better design decisions and streamlines how our car and simulation data is validated. We are leaders in global endurance racing and as the complexity of vehicle testing continues to increase, we’re confident Monolith’s AI-powered technology will support us as we continue to stay one step ahead of the competition.”

Significantly, Monolith states that its data prediction capabilities are able to reduce the number of simulation runs needed to assess the full aerodynamic performance of a car, subsequently reducing the number of tests, which are limited by industry regulations. By incorporating the platform within real-time testing, the company claims potential for a 70% reduction in track testing time, plus a 45% reduction in overall associated costs.

Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder of Monolith AI, commented, “We are really excited to announce our partnership with Jota, who have always been willing to push the boundaries of technology within the racing world. We look forward to working with their renowned engineering team, helping them to continue to make their incredible machines, faster, more efficient and more agile.”

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