Audi Motorsport invests in VI-Grade driving simulator technology


Audi Motorsport has chosen to install VI-Grade’s DiM150 (Driver-in-Motion) dynamic driving simulation solution.

Engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya, the driving simulator – which is equipped with a Formula E and DTM car cockpit – is currently being installed at the Audi Motorsport site in Neuburg, Bavaria, Germany, and will be used for the virtual fine tuning of the dynamic performance of Audi Motorsport vehicles as well as for professional driver training.

“We have been using the static driving simulation solutions by VI-Grade for almost three years now, and we are convinced of their value for our engineering process,” said Joachim Hausner, coordination driving simulator Audi Motorsport.

“We are looking forward to further expanding the use of driving simulation, which adds more realism and detail to this activity with the support of the DiM150 platform and contributes to a further improvement of the driving experience.”

To accurately reproduce vehicle movements and accelerations, the DiM solution is based on a patented design with nine actuators. The resulting configuration, which offers 9° of freedom, enables us to go beyond the basic six-actuator design of a simple hexapod, thus providing a larger workspace while maintaining a high stiffness.

This design leads to a system that is suitable for low as well as high frequencies, both of which occur in automotive chassis design. For this reason, the DiM platform enables investigation of vehicle dynamics as well as ride and comfort on the same motion platform.


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