Michelin releases details of track tire with 46% sustainable content

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At its recent Movin’On summit, Michelin released details of a track tire that contains 46% sustainable materials, fitted to the GreenGT Mission H24 hydrogen-powered prototype developed for endurance racing.

The manufacturer says it has delivered a track-oriented tire, engineered specifically for motorsport, that is produced using a high amount of sustainable content without compromising its performance characteristics.

Michelin has achieved this by using recycled carbon black from end-of-life tires alongside increasing the natural rubber content of the compound. In addition, other bio-sourced and recycled materials were used in the production process, such as recycled steel from aluminum cans, orange and lemon rind, sunflower oil and pine resin.

With motorsport putting products under the most extreme conditions, Michelin is using the discipline to further develop and test innovative tire solutions. Through motorsport, the company aims to showcase future technology and its ability to incorporate a higher percentage of sustainable materials into its product portfolio.

Earlier in 2021, Michelin announced its aim to use 100% sustainable materials in all company tires by 2050. A milestone has subsequently been set, with a group-wide target of using 40% sustainable materials in its tires by 2030.

In addition to using sustainable materials to produce tires, Michelin also utilizes eco-design processes to reduce the environmental impact of its tires throughout their lifecycle, starting with the raw material sourcing right through to actual road use and eventually recycling.

“We share a core value with Movin’On and its partners, namely the deep belief that mobility, and movement in the broadest sense of the term, are inherent to life and a source of progress,” commented Florent Menegaux, CEO, Michelin.

“The two innovative solutions we are presenting at this year’s global sustainable mobility summit offer tangible, real-world proof of our determination to make mobility increasingly sustainable.”

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