Zenvo Automotive details the new TSR-S

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Danish high-performance automotive company Zenvo has redesigned and reengineered its racetrack-bred TSR for optimal aerodynamic performance. Fitted with a 5.8-liter twin supercharged V8 powerplant, the TSR-S will develop 1,200ps

Zenvo has introduced its new TSR-S at the Geneva Motor Show. The TSR-S, which features an innovative new active multi-axis centripetal wing and an in-house developed twin supercharged V8 engine, will be positioned between the company’s TS1 GT car and the TSR.

Setting the car apart from its rivals, the TSR-S incorporates manually adjustable performance settings including a variable power output. In addition the unique dual gearbox setup can switch between a standard gearbox configuration and a mechanical direct power-shift race setup that is designed to deliver the ultimate race experience.

Troels Vollertsen, founder of the company, explains: “In developing the TSR-S, the utmost dedication and ambition of our team has driven us to achieve unprecedented levels of aerodynamic engineering capability. By converging the individual performance characteristics of the exceptional TS1 GT hypercar with the savage TSR track car we have created the ultimate Zenvo.”

Building on this foundation, advanced aerodynamic analysis and implementation of advanced airflow management on the TSR-S help the car generate more than three times as much downforce as the TS1 GT. Central to this is Zenvo’s centripetal wing.

The ground-breaking rear wing has two rotational axes, enabling it to function as both an air break and a cornering stabilizer. When the TSR-S corners, the wing rotates relative to the car’s longitudinal axis. This generates an inward force together with the conventional downforce, boosting inner tire grip and cornering stability.

The new front splitter is designed to improve front to rear downforce distribution by generating front downforce and directing air to the underbody. At the same time the front wheel housing outlets extracts air from the front underbody, improving downforce and decreasing drag.

The rear body of the car features major updates with an LMP1-inspired air scoop, new diffuser and the proprietary active rear wing. The diffuser is optimized to extract air from the underbody and decrease the rear tire wake for increased stability.

The TSR-S also features a number of adjustable performance settings. There are three settings – Minimum (710ps), IQ and Maximum (1,200ps). The autonomous IQ setting continuously assesses the grip of the tires on the road and limits the power accordingly. Where traction allows, the IQ setting will ensure maximum power is delivered to the rear wheels.

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