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Season Three Formula E powertrain

After a three month hiatus, Formula E returns this weekend (18th Feb 2017). The ABT Schaeffler team outlines the Season Three drivetrain that powers its FE02 racecar ahead of the Buenos Aires round.
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Digital vs. Reality

As Formula E continues to promote parallel digital racing, the series pits digital racer Graham Carroll against DS Racing's Sam Bird.

Weekly Poll

Following Lada and Citroen's withdrawal of factory support to the WTCC, and increasing OEM interest in the TCR International series, which of the two tin-top series offers the best quality racing?

TCR International

Recent Polls

  • Following on from editor John O'Brien's foreword in the latest issue of Professional MotorSport World (click here), are screens and 'halo' devices necessary additions to open cockpit formula-type cars?
  • Is the human element, and therefore the risk of error, in racing an important reason as to why you watch motorsport? Would the removal of the driver be the end of motorsport?
  • Will viewing figures for the Le Mans 24h be down this year as a result of the FIA's decision to schedule the all-new European GP on the same weekend?
  • Is approaching sustainable motorsport at an attainable, grassroots level the key to breaking the stigma still lingering over all-electric motor racing?
  • When they can decide the outcome of a championship, should the fastest lap and pole position carry additional championship points?

  • Are electronic loops and CCTV a fairer way to monitor and enforce track limits than oversized and solid kerbs?
  • With new sports being added to the Olympics each year, such as skateboarding and BMX'ing, is there any merit for motorsport to appear as a discipline?
  • Is the increasingly popular TCR International Series, and its regional offshoots, a more attractive and more sustainable option than the FIA's WTCC - for both privateers and factory backed teams?
  • As ZF confirms its partnership with the Venturi race team, is Formula E set to become an important testbed for suppliers and OEMs, when it comes to e-powertrain innovations?
  • As Audi announces a factory supported Formula E team for season four of the championship, will season five, which will introduce more technical freedom, kickstart OEM participation in the series?
  • One of the rumoured proposals from Liberty Media in regard to Formula One's future is a 25 race-weekend calendar. Given the global nature of the sport, is 25 events in seven months too much for teams, drivers, and fans?
  • Will IndyCar's decision to freeze aerokit development amongst manufacturers, before introducing a 'universal' kit in 2018, result in closer racing or not?
  • As manufacturers increasingly pledge allegiance to endurance racing, which of the two major global series produces better racing?
  • With increasing numbers of manufacturers - and associated tuning partners - building TCR specification cars - does the series present a more attractive package than the current FIA WTCC?
  • Will the forthcoming Roborace ever achieve the commercial success of other motorsports such as Formula 1?
  • Is having a sole tire supplier to a series detrimental to competition? 
  • Is Audi's decision to withdraw from the WEC in favour of Formula E pioneering, or have the implications of dieselgate influenced the decision more? 
  • As Red Bull Global Rallycross announces an all-electric category for its championship, and as the all-electric 'Electric GT' championship begins to announce its driver line up, how long will it be before IC engine competition cars are confined to historic and club-level races?
  • Should GT regulations be tightened to stop manufacturers potentially entering a spending war?
  • Weekly poll Will pure battery electric power ever feature in rally raid events, within the next five years?
  • In allowing manufacturers to develop brand-specific bodywork for its Daytona Prototype series, has IMSA done a better job of appealing to OEMs than the FIA WEC's revised LMP2 regulations?
  • Ahead of the 2017 Formula 1 season, will the heavily revised regulations (as documented here) result in closer/ more interesting racing? 
  • Has the WRC missed an opportunity by omitting the opportunity for introducing hybrid and EV technologies in its 2017 regulations?
  • As sweeping regulation changes are set to take place in a number of race series, and substantial revisions in others, which championship do you feel will 'progress' the most under their respective new rules?
  • Do you believe, from a marketing perspective, there is more merit for OEMs to compete using more identifiable showroom models, rather than bespoke LMP cars and single seat programs?'
  • Is this something that is applicable to all series?
  • With multiple announcements of revised circuits, which all largely center around the concept of attracting more fans, who is the onus on to get more people to race weekends?
  • With the World Rallycross Championship gaining another brand through Prodrive and Renault's collaboration - have the 2017 WRC regulation changes gone far enough to attract new OEMs and increase fan appeal?
  • Is the visual appeal of a racecar important to 'the show'?
  • With Williams' F1 team successfully applying additive manufacturing to the construction of the exterior parts of the front wing assembly for its 2016 racing car, how long before we see a complete F1 racing car developed this way?
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